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SurfSocial and Local Directories, Two Programs That Go Hand-in-Hand

TouchSuite offers exclusive marketing programs available to merchants that are designed to grow a customer base, properly market to them and help get the business out there. Specifically, Local Directories and SurfSocial, which work hand-in-hand, are sure to do just that.

Let’s start with Local Directories first. Making sure your business is listed on as many online directories as possible is highly beneficial to your business’s web presence and search engine rankings. When your business is listed on these directories, customers and prospects are able to gain a great amount of information about your business just by searching the Internet. With that being said, the more listings your business is found on, the more likely the business will appear in online searches. The majority of consumers today search for a business online before ever stepping foot in your door, so having a strong online presence is crucial.

SurfSocial is a smart marketing tool that allows business owners to offer free WiFi to its customers and prospects, while gaining valuable customer information such as demographics, social media information and customer usage. All of the information gathered about customers can be used to successfully market to them based on their behavior. Social media presence will increase, which allows your business to become more visibile on the Internet.

Local Directory Listings and SurfSocial focus on growing the traffic that comes to your business’s location and creates a better customer experience by allowing customers to connect to your WiFi network for free. Local directories help potential customers find your business, while SurfSocial offers free WiFi to your customers, ultimately enhancing their overall experience at your business location. Another great thing about putting your business on as many listings as possible is there are even directory listings that are solely for customers who are looking for a business location that offers free WiFi. Get your business listed on these types of listings and customers will come to your business for free WiFi, while you gain important customer information where you can better market to them. Take advantage of SurfSocial and Local Directories and allow your business is thrive!

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