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Taking Your Restaurant to the Next Level With a Tablet POS System

Taking Your Restaurant to the Next Level with a Tablet POS System

From self-serve kiosks to tablet POS systems, technology is making it easier for restaurants to perform fast and painless transactions, giving their customers an enhanced dining experience. Restaurants who are not taking advantage of this technology could be losing out on a big boost in revenue.

In addition to increased revenue, a tablet POS system could also result in increased tips for servers and make it easier to keep employee turnover low. Here’s a quick rundown of ways servers and owners can benefit from a tablet POS system.

Benefits of Tablet POS System for Servers

A tablet POS system can streamline the dining experience, from ordering to payment. Restaurant owners should consider switching to tableside POS systems to create a better environment for their servers and customers.

Increase Tip Percentages for Servers

Using a tablet POS system can increase tip percentages for servers. When your customers have a better dining experience, they tend to tip more. Seamless ordering and payment let customers focus on enjoying their meal and appreciate your staff’s excellent service. This enjoyment is often reflected in the gratuity. Guests can set the pace of their dining experience and easily pay their check without waiting. In addition to increasing gratuities, this leads to an increase in table-turnover time.

Allows for Flexibility in Scheduling

Another benefit for servers using a tableside ordering and payment system is the ability to take orders from anywhere in the restaurant. This lessens wait times and enhances your customers experience. It also helps relieve the stress on servers who would otherwise be juggling taking orders and providing guests with their checks. This gives servers plenty of time to take care of their customers.

Eliminates Human Error When Taking Orders

There is also less human error when customers place their own orders on a tablet POS system. The server doesn’t have to run back and forth from their tables to the kitchen to get the correct order or re-ring their tickets. This puts customers in the driver’s seat when placing their orders.

Benefits of Tablet POS Systems for Restaurant Owners

Servers are not the only ones who benefit from tableside ordering systems. Increased checks and faster table turnover are just two of the benefits for owners.

Fewer Chargebacks Resulting from Fraud

A big reason for switching to a tablet POS system that allows EMV payments is reduced risk of chargebacks due to fraud. In 2015, the restaurant industry was one of the industries most affected by fraud. As more restaurants and merchants use EMV technology, fraud will be forced to move to those areas slower to adopt the technology.

Convenience and Efficiency

Restaurant owners have a lot on their plates – budgeting, ordering, staffing, scheduling, and more. Tablet POS systems offer several operational advantages. They typically have a lower investment in hardware and software than traditional systems. This helps to reduce overhead costs and improves ROI.

Data Storage in the Cloud

The ability to store data in the cloud makes problem solving and troubleshooting easier. Instead of waiting for someone to come to the restaurant and fix what is wrong, issues can be resolved remotely. In addition, restaurant owners can keep track of their business data from any location as long as they are connected to the internet. They can use this data to run more efficiently and customize specials and menus to their customer’s preferences.

There’s no doubt about it, pay-at-the-table systems are here to stay. These systems are fast and flexible. They support almost every area of the business from ordering, payment, and reporting. With affordable initial costs when compared to traditional POS systems, they are a great option for fast-casual restaurants.

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