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Top 6 New and Future POS Software Technologies

  1. Biometrics


This technology is already being used in a few select retailers for logging into POS software and for customer’s that use self-checkouts. Biometrics refers to a method of identification by measuring unique human characteristics as a way to confirm identity.



  1. RFID


RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, which is the future POS technology that uses devices attached to objects that transmit data to an RFID receiver. An alternative to bar coding, RFID’s advantages include high data capacity, read/write capability and no line of sight requirements. Another advantage of RFID tags is that they can be embedded within packages. Depending on the type of tag and application, they can also be read at a varying range of distances.


  1. Self-Checkouts


This future POS idea is already used in different retailers. The self-scanning checkout essentially has the customer doing the work of the conventional cashier. Customer can scan their own items, swipe their own credit cards and bag items themselves, usually under the watchful eye of a store employee.


The shopper begins the checkout process by touching the computer’s welcome screen or by beginning to scan the items. Once the checkout is initiated by the shopper, the computer’s ‘voice’ provides the shopper with detailed instructions as to how to scan their items and where to place them once they’ve been scanned. Sophisticated self-checkouts do not enable people to put additional items into the bag as the computer knows how much the bag should weigh based on which items are being scanned.


  1. Digital Signage


Digital signage is even being used at POS (where you swipe your credit card). It’s also used at the shelf edge to reach consumers as they are evaluating their product decisions. This future POS technology can inform consumers about products and affect their shopping patterns in real time while they are shopping in the store.


Digital signage isn’t only being used to entice customers what to buy while in store. This future POS technology is even being used as a tool to help inform, communicate and train retail staff on the latest products, upcoming promotions and some retailers are even using it to help employees hone their selling skills.


  1. Advanced CRM


Customer relationship marketing is so important to in order to keep those customers you have happy and to keep them coming back. CRM is going beyond the typical ‘thanks for coming in the store – we appreciate it’ slant. With advanced CRM, your POS could include a predefined email auto responder. For example, when someone comes into your store and purchases a particular product, the system would automatically send them an email within a certain time thanking them for their purchase. Then on day seven, that same customer would get an email asking how the product is working and would offer helpful suggestions as to other products that would complement it.


  1. Bitcoin


Bitcoin is being accepted by many businesses including salons, spas and restaurants.  As Bitcoin prices become more stable, consumer confidence and adoption is increasing. Bitcoin actually reduces credit card processing fees to less than 1%. Bitcoins also have the advantage of being processed through a smart phone, which increases the transaction speed. This ability can be especially beneficial in the restaurant industry because it increases table-turnover rates. This leads to more sales because waiters are saving time on collecting the check.