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Top Three Trends for Successful Restaurants

Top 3 Questions to Ask Yourself in Order to Drive Success to Your Business

It’s no secret that the restaurant business is highly competitive. The failure rate is high for startup restaurants but if a restaurant owner does everything right the rewards and the profits can be huge.

You can ask questions around these three important restaurant business trends in order to help your restaurant succeed.

1. Do you have a Frequent Diner or Loyalty program?

Almost 90% of restaurant patrons say that they’ll come back to a restaurant if they have some sort of loyalty or frequent diner discount program. TouchSuite POS systems come with a built in frequent diner program at no additional cost. Regular diners tend to spend more money on subsequent visits than new diners on their first visit.

2. What “Day Parts” are most profitable?

Restaurants are learning to maximize the profits during their slower day-parts. Some do this by offering extended lunches, prix fixe menus, earlybird specials and happy hours. To truly understand where your profits are coming from you need great reporting so you can analyze what is being sold when. A TouchSuite POS system features over 100 separate reports that can track everything from labor costs, to products sold, to the busiest shifts.

3. How do you contact your customers?

Most successful restaurants reach out to their customers via text messages, emails and frequent diner programs. TouchSuite POS systems come with a built in frequent diner program and access to a text messaging system that can be used to drive business into a restaurant location.