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TouchSuite Partners with PVBLIC Foundation to Offer a Profit-Give-Back Payment Processing Structure

Exclusive partnership provides nearly 100 non-profits the opportunity to recover a percentage of its annual processing, donated back from the processor itself.


Boca Raton, FL (April 1, 2015)— Leading U.S. technology and payment processing company, TouchSuite, has entered a unique relationship with the non-profit advocacy and support institution, PVBLIC Foundation, to create an advantageous financial service partnership for the nearly 100 non-profit organizations within its network.  The relationship establishes an exclusive opportunity for PVBLIC’s charitable partners to establish a merchant processing account with TouchSuite that will guarantee the lowest processing rate available as well as assist the organizations in determining the best payment technologies to utilize.  Organizations may request information via

In addition to serving the processing needs of PVBLIC’s non-profit and social impact organizations, TouchSuite will be donating 50% of the profits derived from those accounts to PVBLIC Foundation.  To make this partnership even more impactful, TouchSuite has stipulated that half of the monies donated to PVBLIC from TouchSuite be used to fund media related campaigns in service to their charitable partners.

“This partnership is a true win/win for PVBLIC and non profit and social impact organization partners” said Sergio Fernandez de Cordova PVBLIC’s Co-Founder and Chairman.  “Access to this type of sponsorship and donation structure will serve to dramatically enhance our media amplification capabilities.”

“TouchSuite has been fortunate to experience much success in the past several years, which allows us to give back in more substantial ways through both direct charitable contributions and partnerships with fantastic philanthropic organizations like PVBLIC,” said TouchSuite CEO Sam Zietz. “By working with their incredible team, we are able to offer PVBLIC’s vast network of non-profit partners the opportunity to collect a greater return from each donation or sale that will ultimately support their core mission.”

“We at PVBLIC are excited to utilize the donations from this partnership to amplify the reach of large-scale media campaigns for social change like those we have organized this past year in partnership with the White House and The United Nations,” said Rachel Cohen Gerrol, Executive Director of PVBLIC Foundation.