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TouchSuite Technology Company Doubling Boca Raton Workforce

Sunshine State News — February 28, 2014

Gov. Rick Scott announced Friday that TouchSuite, a leading technology company ranked 105 on Inc. 500’s list of fastest growing private companies, will create 50 new jobs in Boca Raton.

The new jobs will double the workforce at TouchSuite. According to an agreement approved by Boca Raton council members, the company is eligible for $250,000 from the state’s Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund Program, $50,000 of which the city of Boca Raton will pay, if it doubles its payroll to 100 jobs and keeps those jobs for five years.

“TouchSuite’s expansion in Boca Raton is great news for Florida families,” said Scott. “As Florida’s economy continues to grow, it’s important that we continue to create an environment where information technology companies can expand and create jobs in the Sunshine State.”

“We are proud to have grown to a company that will soon employ over 100 Palm Beach and Broward County residents and is contributing to the local economy with revenue over $19.2 million in 2013,” said TouchSuite CEO Sam Zietz. “We are honored by Gov. Rick Scott’s visit and for recognizing TouchSuite for its growth and contributions to the state of Florida. Our success is the result of our disruptive technology products that improve the financial performance of small and medium-sized businesses throughout North America.”