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TouchSuite Now Offers More Affordable, Fully Integrated Processing Alternative For SMB QuickBooks® Users

Lightning Payments, powered by TouchSuite, offers merchants significant savings in processing fees and a host of new payment tools, all within current QuickBooks software.


Boca Raton, FL (February 17, 2015)— Leading U.S. financial technology company, TouchSuite, today announced that it is now one of the only payment processors integrated with QuickBooks®, providing QuickBooks software and QuickBooks POS users with the option to choose a more affordable payment processor and advanced payment technology that eliminates the hassle of double data entry. The auto-sync payment interface, Lightning Payments, operates within QuickBooks POS and accounting software and offers users a significantly lower processing fee than the software’s native payment solution.


TouchSuite’s Lightning QuickBooks®  payment integration also comes with full line of payment-related tools to enhance and expand the merchant’s transactional capabilities.  These new payment tools include mobile POS access, e-commerce, gift card transactions, and IPLINK, the application that allows QuickBooks users to accept payments and automatically synchronize the moment the payment is received.  Lightning also includes cutting-edge credit card encryption, ensuring superior consumer security.  Users are also given access to a standard virtual terminal application, which can be accessed remotely and process credit, debit and gift transactions with the click of a button.


“Anticipating and creating affordable solutions around the needs of small to medium size businesses is the objective behind everything we do,,” said TouchSuite CEO Sam Zietz. “With one seamless system, our clients can now synchronize their entire financial and accounting process without the forced hand of high processing rates.”


Lightning’s direct data core integration allows QuickBooks®  and QuickBooks Point of Sale users to receive payments natively within the respective products, without the requirement of a peripheral unit or terminal.  With this new development, TouchSuite becomes one of only a few outside processors with a payment interface integrated within QuickBooks product lineup.