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Why You Should Offer Free Wi-Fi to Your Customers

More and more businesses day after day are offering free Wi-Fi to their customers and for a great reason: it builds customer loyalty and increases sales. Free Wi-Fi is something that customers expect to receive when they go to a business. Did you know that 1 in 10 people leave a business in the absence of free Wi-Fi? Let’s focus on some of the benefits of giving free Wi-Fi. First and foremost, you are taking your marketing presence to a whole new level. With smart Wi-Fi such as SurfSocial, your business is often promoted through a splash page or landing page before the customer even connects to your Wi-Fi. Also, when your network name is branded towards your business, such as “Pizza Pit’s Free Wi-Fi”, it allows customers and prospects to view your business name and that you offer free Wi-Fi. And now that your customers are connected to your network, they are more likely to check-in, post a status or upload a photo at your business, ultimately reaching new prospects without having to do anything on the business’s end. This also will save your employee’s time by no longer having to give your customers those long Wi-Fi passwords. x

Secondly, when a customer has a Wi-Fi connection, they are more likely to spend more time at your business. This allows them to stay occupied and connected while at your business, which will most likely result in them telling their family and friends to also spend more time at the business too. When a customer spends more time at your business, they are most likely to spend more money also.

When you offer free Wi-Fi, there’s a great chance you’ll see an increase in foot traffic as well. When you offer fast and free Wi-Fi, this puts your business ahead of others that do not offer this to their customers and can even attract new business. Let’s be real, in today’s times, many people tend to dine at restaurants alone which can often be awkward, but when customers have the option of connecting to a Wi-Fi network, they forget about the fact that they are alone due to being able to connect with friends through social media.

Wi-Fi is not what it used to be. There are tons of different ways to capture customer information through the use of Wi-Fi nowadays. You can actually track how frequently customers come into your business, how long they are staying there for and how many new customers you have every day. Based on their behavior, you can then properly market to these customers, offering specials when they visit often, or if they haven’t been in for a while, give them a reason to come back.  So start going out smart Wi-Fi instead of free Wi-Fi with SurfSocial today!